Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Office O' Death

My coworkers have about 30 days in here on the big project with maybe one or two days off.

In the past 5 minutes the guy to my right sneezes, the woman to my left sneezes, the guy that sits 15 feet behind me coughs and the woman in front of him on the other side of the cube coughs a deep raspy one.

My project manager, in another office, is congested.

The guy on my right has been sick for a few days and is constantly coughing and snorting his phlegm.

I use the hand sanititizer every time I get up, but it's a tough battle when the stuff is airborne.

My throat is itchy, and I have a sinus headache, but I don't feel too bad.

I do feel bad for everyone else though. Really, the client is treating them like crap with outrageous deadlines.

All this hacking and wheezing is grossing me out.


Take this asap. Seriously. Amazing stuff.
I concur. Before my trithlon last year, I was able to hold off getting sick for a full week using only that. Obviously after finishing the tri my body was like WTF? and smacked me hard. The airborne worked though.
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