Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More on Time

Last night while driving to the airport to pick up Alessandra I was thinking about how I visualize time.

My days of the week are pictured in mostly horizontal circle. Saturday is at the top, furthest away from me, Sunday is a swing back down towards the bottom counter clockwise. And the rest of the days of the week are an angled ramp back up. I only see the present day and the day ahead and behind on my wheel. They are spelled out by name and I can zoom in to look at my day.

Likewise my yearly calendar is a larger circle that runs counterclockwise with December and January up at the top of a 20% grade, then it's back down the dial to reach Summer. Of course the seasons are color coded with January and February being dark, dark gray and Summer the rest of the year being vibrant.

I've tried to describe how the whole thing is lit, and I believe I tried to model it years ago in 3D, but I just can't get it across.

Here, read about Flower Clock Gardens instead.

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I have Four O'Clocks in my backyard. Very pretty. Very timely. Very hard to get rid of when you don't want them anymore. :)
Yeah, I just looked them up, they look VERY tenacious! I hope you like them as they'll be around awhile.

Do you have to fight off Kudzu?
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