Monday, July 23, 2007

Ice Cream Title

I'm a pig for ice cream. I love the stuff, and it's high on my list of favorite things. I either eat a lot of it at once or if I have treats at home, I eat them in twos. The first one because I want it in me as fast as possible, and the other to enjoy.

I guess it's a character trait because I finished Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows in about 10 hours or so, even as I worked 23 hours Saturday and Sunday Combined.

It turns out that I was indeed spoilered by Advertisements placed by punk ass spoilers at sites where I hang out. Oh well, you don't really know until you get there, then it's too late, and you remember the next one and hope it isn't right...and it is. So be it.

As it was, I reached a point last night when I should have put it away and gone to bed, but then a Brick Shitting Event occured and I had to keep reading until I was done.

Like the ice cream, I wanted it in me as fast as possible, now I need to go back and slowly read the last .25 of the book. This is fine by me, because while I enjoyed the first cone, the second one will be all that much sweeter.

ps: While I slagged on JK's storytelling and Deus ex machina in the previous post, I was reminded that according to her world logic, everything the characters do make sense, and there was nothing untoward that occured in the resolution of the story. So I was wrong there.

A funny quote was mentioned about how some people got advanced copies: "The publishers may have spent millions on security to make sure no one reads it before it's released, but that means nothing to a dude willing to risk a minimum wage job at a bookstore so his friends can get copies."


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Damn, I better get cracking. I've only read about .25 pages so far..
You know us "Creatives" work in decimal.

You should pretend the book is cake as opposed to ice cream. It wouldn't stand a chance.
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