Thursday, July 12, 2007

I speak picture

I got a blowout on the highway yesterday, and while wandering around a Borders as my tire was being replaced I found a book entitled Amazon.com: Pictograms, Icons and Signs by Rayan Abdullah,Roger Hubner. The final chapter was an essay by Jochen Gros discussing his creation of a working
grammar for a pictogram language of his devising.

At his site:
icon-language.com you can download an Open Type font that converts your text to pictures as you type it.

Picture Langage

This is a complete sentence. What did I say? (The answer is in the comments.)

You should check it out. What also amuses me, is that many of the words he has pictogrammed involve sex, bodies in states of undress and seduction. I mean if I were going to create a language, those would be the first things I would define too.


All you need is love.
damn designers... turning words into pictures. is nothing sacred from you people anymore?!
It' s only the solidification of doing this to Needy Mother Fucker on the other side of your cube wall.
oh, okay then. carry on.
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