Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eyes Averted

So with a few days left for the until the final Harry Potter book is released, jerkbags at some of the sites I visit, are spoilers as Message Heads, so I accidentally read them. I saw one (not a big one), so now I'm on the run to keep my eyes averted.

Speaking of Potter, I saw The Order of the Phoenix and unlike the previous 4 I found this one watchable. I think Daniel Radcliffe's acting has gotten signifigantly better.

I'm still putting in 50-60 hours a week as a Temp and we are at deadline, so that's good. Everyone is pretty beat, and this has become a sick office, people are sneezing and coughing all over the place. I never heard anything like it before.

That that was the segue to say that I'm the only person here who even gives a crap about the Potter stuff. It's really odd, no one intends to see the movie or has read (will read the books). Granted there are a probably more people who won't read it than will, it's just kind of an odd feeling.


Hopefully going on vacation will allow me to avert my ears/eyes as well. I can't get the book until a week from this friday...
What kind of freaks are you working with??

Actually, we haven't seen the movie yet (only one we haven't seen on opening day), but we're hoping to sneak away later this week to see it.
I'm not into the Harry Potter stuff myself, but I sympathize with what you're going through at your office.

I seem to be the lone Firefly/Serenity addict in my entire building, which can sometimes make for a lonely existence. :o)
I dunno, everyone just seems...normal.

I was thinking about this on the way home, I actually, age wise, feel disconnected from most of my peers in terms of what interests me, entertains me etc.

In fact, I really don't have many peers, most friends are at least 10 years younger.
Love Harry Potter

Hate illness

Impressed that you know how to spell segue considering I had to look it up the other day. :)
I looked it up before I used it. Plus , Serenity (my MacBook) has an auto inter-application spell check, just in case.
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