Monday, July 30, 2007

Cunning Headgear

We are Jayne Cobb

When Alessandra started knitting my first question was: Will you make me a Jayne Hat?" Her answer was, "When I am advanced enough, yes." And after the countless Xmas Scarves and baby blankets, Ale was finally ready...to make sweater...but after that...The Hat!

Ale bought a very cunning kit from Wear With Style! which came complete with yarn, needles, instructions inside a handcrafted, stamped envelope. (see pictures below).

Cunning Yarn for a Cunning Hat

Oddly enough Heather Hill came to town last weekend for a Game Convention, but we didn't get to meet her. However, we missed her by 2 minutes at a knitting store on the other side of town from where she was staying. D'OH!

At the time of this writing I discovered that proceeds for the sale of Jayne Hat Kits go towards Occupational Therapy for Heather's special needs daughter.

So there you go. If you need a Jayne Hat Wear With Style! is your one stop shop. Click here for the song.

The Kit

Serenity Now

Just so you know where it came from

Special Firefly Stamp-1

Special Firefly Stamp 2

The Hero of Where?

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Ha ha! Those are FANTASTIC!

If you ever feel like giving us a gift, the family would love matching Jayne hats. :)
What great hats! I wish I knew how to knit.
you 2 are the cutest. Ale, you do beautiful work, glad I gave you those starter needles and wool.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sorry, Brother. Gotta stop saying that. It's inappropriate of me. You two are a perfect couple a true fit.
I'm not worried, nor offended. It's not like you're gonna come swooping out of the jungle and spirit her away.
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