Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Cool Weird Thing

happened Sunday Night. Over the past few weeks I've been growing my visual thinking perception, and I've been doing some layman's research by getting into articles from Visible Language, the journal of the Institute of Design from Illinois Institute of Technology, (I have a Proquest access to thousands of pdf journals, but that's another story). As a result, when the incident occurred I visualized it pretty much like this. Let me know if I'm able to get the point across. The first person to tell me what occurred Sunday night wins a prize.

The idea here is that the story should be understandable for illiterate (but not unintelligent), people of all nationalities. And I decided to use the generic AIGA Symbols for aesthetic purposes as I learn to draw, so the piece looks kind of primitive. Sorry about that.

Anyway, you'll need Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader to view it. You are encouraged to zoom. Click the picture to begin download.


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