Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why is a dog a unit of measurement

What does "Sick as a dog." actually mean? Most dogs I see are full of vitality and energy.

That said, both Alessandra and I are suffering from either the flu or food poisoning. About 3 hours after I started to get sick yesterday, Ale got it and man do we feel horrible. She's home from work today, we slept like shit last night, and she was puking and I was crapping it was quite a sorry scene.

It's a little better today, but we still havent really eaten yet and can hardly keep the liquids down.

Stupid germs and disease. If I were a of a different mind, I would say that Earth was designed specifically for bacteria and virii.


Sorry to hear you're feeling ill. Let me know if you need anything. If you can't get out to the store yourself I could toss a care package on the porch on my way home if you need.

Take care. :)
Um, I have the same GI problems. Is it too late to consider something we ate on Saturday?
In NYC in the '80's, on Z100 before it became a complete corporate bitch, the "Z Morning Zoo" had a recurring character named Mr. Leonard, who was supposed to be some sort of employee of the station, yet never actually showed up to work. He'd phone in in his slightly more urban Urkel voice (or was it more Elmo?), claiming always to be "sicker than a dog," or, sometimes changing it up with "later than a dog," "angrier than a dog," etc. I remember one time Mr. Leonard actually made it in, only to find that the entire Zoo had called out.
It occurs to me that I should be very glad we were only able to attend Saturday's festivities via ichat. I have a hunch as to who the schmuck parents were - you'll have to name some names later on so I can confirm my suspicions.
Vbj-that's clever for a morning zoo set up.
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