Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tip to parents:

If your child is puking from a stomach virus, don't take him to a fucking party to infect everyone. There are 5 known people who were sick yesterday and today. And on top of that, apparently the child was sick until Sunday when many of the guests attended (not me) a party in sickboys honor.

From the bottom of my large intestine, thanks. I haven't been sick in over a year, it's nice to be reminded what living death feels like.


Bad form!!! Next time you and Ale are sick, make sure to invite the schmucks over for a visit (parents, not the kid - something tells me the kid wasn't any happier about being at the party than you were to have him there). Did anyone say anything to the parents? People that stupid and inconsiderate deserve a lecture or two (or five!).
hey if the parents don't know already, telling them isn't gonna help. Package up some puke/shit combo in a nice presnet, and send anon. in the mail...
I haven't been sick for ages, and now I know why. No contact with children.
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