Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Looking Minnesota, Feeling California

My GI is back on-line and I feel pretty good if a little tired. I'm back at work on my project and Ale is back at work though still off.

Babies, little germ reservoirs. I'm certain that love is an evolutionary trait designed to stop us from strangling the little bastards and take the time to nurture them. But not YOURS Woensdag, I'm sure yours will be a little angel (even though he/she looks like Pennywise on the ultrasound).


Undergraduates are also germ reservoirs... possibly even worse than babies (at least babies aren't that mobile on their own),

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm sure ours won't be a little angel all the time, but maybe we can try for most of the time.
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ahAHAHAA! I have but one directive for children: Be Neither Seen Nor Heard. Noisy, messy, expensive and being raised in a fucked up world.
Unless that child belongs to a friend. Then it's just a littler, less articulate version of that friend.
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