Monday, June 18, 2007


Bleh, I think I feel food poisoning coming on, I don't feel so hot.

Anyway, I'm overdue for a post. Last week our neighbor's sister/cousin/aunt/whatever came over to their house for a bbq and brought along her pet chickens, which let us know that there are folks who keep them as pets. My friend Sky has as rooster as a pet but it is a result of working for animal rescue and finding one in North St. Louis (Ghetto). He says that the rooster is friendly and likes the company of humans, but I didn't know people really sought them out. This woman is training them to be therapy animals for "special needs kids".

Extraordinary Chickens

Extraordinary Chickens

She said that they shit all over the place (the chickens, not the kids), but you can buy diapers for them.

She has young Japanese Bantams, which will take a diaper quite well.

So Ale and I handled them and said they were cute. We were offered ownership, but we don't want to deal with crappers.

This reminds me, we dog sat this weekend for my brother-in-law's mix lab-thingy, and while adorable and friendly, was way too high maintenance for me. Ale cleaned up all of the poop in the back yard, but goddamn! what stinky logs. I almost puked with just a whiff.

Anyway, I spent all day yesterday and today working on a animation I'd like to present to this place I want to work for (if I make it past round one), so I was getting reacquainted with Flash as well as the principles of animation and design. Now I'm going to do some reading on visual language so I can get the concepts down in order to carry my end of a conversation.

That's it for now...Ugh. Cat...do NOT knead my belly!

I can only imagine how much the cats would enjoy a "pet" chicken....
I think the cats would know better. Chicken lady has a cat and she says they get along fine, and Sky has 2 cats.

Note to self: Don't fuck with chickens.
No Touch Chicken...
it's not a matter of will the chicken peck, but when.

I imagine a chicken would handle itself quite well around a cat; especially a rooster.
diapers on chickens? omg!

i dog-sit occasionally and am always grateful to get back to my cat!
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