Monday, June 11, 2007

Cap'n Approved Product

Bald Guyz Wipes

At least I hope so...it contains Green Tea! I picked up a box of these today when Alessandra caught me cleansing my dome with hand sanitizer (wow that sounds dirtier than it really was). To my defense though, the sanitizer did contain vitamin D and some other moisturizing crap to stop me from frying my scalp.

Deja Who We went to a wedding yesterday for my friend Rock n Roll Larry. There was a woman there named Amy who I had never met before but was totally familiar. After trying for 1/2 an hour to work it out and getting to know her, we realized we had nobody in common (other than she was in my cousin's HS graduating class) and that we must have traveled around the same city circle for years without ever meeting. She called me and Ale "St. Louis Strangers." but I like the term Deja Who.


Heh, I bought some of these as a joke for my newly shorn friend, and it turns out he loves them!

Polishing the dome, eh?
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