Friday, June 15, 2007

Busy Week

Sorry for lack of quality posts. It's been a busy week. 3 job interviews and 2 days working across town at a chemical company producing bottle and package lables in a digial mill. The people were nice and my eye was good, but the work is mindcrushingly dull and piles up quickly in large stacks. I may have a regular temp gig there.

They also had a Flavia machine there which really flipped my lid. The coffee wasn't as good as my favorite local joint, or the stuff I make at home, but it's damn better than Starfuck's and/or regular office coffee. So lets just say, for a change, office coffee didn't 't suck. Also the Creative Teams office DJ had a stellar playlist (until he played Fergie and Nelly as a joke). Too bad the work is very mentally draining. Oh well, it still pays.

I'm going to work this weekend on a Flash movie for the dream gig animating their work, so if/when they call me in a few weeks, I'll have something cool to show why they should hire me.


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