Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what happens when you piss off a pregnant woman?

She gets a letter to the editor published in the The New York Times

To the Editor:

I am shocked by the ignorance of the recent outcry against vegan diets in the media, most recently Nina Planck’s article about the dangers and irresponsibility of vegan diets during pregnancy and infancy. What these naysayers consistently neglect is that vegan diets, as with all other restricted diets, must be well planned.

It is not enough to simply cut animal products (or carbohydrates, or calories) out of one’s diet. Without a concerted effort by the consumer, restricted diets of any kind may fail to provide adequate nutrition.

Generalizing from a handful of ignorant vegans to the entire vegan population does a disservice to those of us who have spent years educating ourselves on human nutritional needs and how to meet them on a plant-based diet.

Well-planned vegan diets have been shown repeatedly to be sufficient, and even beneficial at all stages of life, including during pregnancy and infancy.

Nicole Speer

Boulder, Colo., May 21, 2007

Sock it to 'em Wodnesdag. Fuck the Meat Eating Man!


I'll hold out for the vegetarian/vegan man. :)

Thanks for spreading the good word.
Woot! Frame that. It's not every day that one gets printed in the newspaper, let alone the Times.

Vegetablarians Unite!
i love vegans--literally--my husband is one.
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