Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A very hard kick in the sack

After being told repeatedly by my placement agency that "everyone thinks you are doing a great job" and "everybody really likes you" at the place I'm working; today I received news that the client was terminating my all too brief temporary production gig at their company.

Apparently I made some comments which they said didn't jibe with their idea of a full time employee and they felt I didn't belong there.

What were these comments? When asked, the placement representative said that I referred to the Color Correction guy as "competition." and another comment was made about my disappointment that hours were being taken away from me and given to the said Color Correction guy.

Yes, that's it. The only thing I apparently said. That's what told them I was not T_ material. Despite the fact this guy was in fact working on my jobs while I was asked not to come in, and mentioning it was grounds for dismissal.

I can clearly see that this was a result of relaxing my guard around some people. I mentioned in my April 23 post "it's almost like they are treating me like a regular, but I can't forget I'm the temp because if that happens, you can bet something is going to turn around and bite me on the ass." I did and look what happened.

All I can think of is the only woman I told my concerns to (as well as telling her how much I hoped I could be brought in full time), is the same woman who totally bagged on the place, told me that I didn't want to work there and said she was looking for another job because she hated being there. She's the only one I had this discussion with.

But I don't know. I'm not a fucking watchmaker, I can't see the mechanism that works behind the dial and I can't read anything into it, nor make any judgement calls because I really don't know who fingered me.

All I know is I'm totally reeling about today. I was on super-good behavior too! I was stepping up and taking responsibility for going above the duty of a standard temp, smiling to everyone, bringing in music to the mp3 archive, donating props to photo shoots, helping the Intern. I was hoping to go full time and now I'm back on the couch with a phone in my hand.

I sent them a their parking passes back with a nice thank you letter, and it is sincere. I'm totally baffled. This really fucking sucks.


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Sorry to hear that! They sound like a bunch of wackos if they're going to hold a couple of comments like that against you. It's really weird actually... maybe they were just looking for an excuse b/c they wanted someone who could do color?

Hang in there - you'll find another place! Hopefully one that doesn't leave you hanging for weeks only to terminate you for some made-up, lame-ass reason.
Cap'n Marrrrk:

It sounds like your situation is similar to what I've gone through in the past with various jobs. You're qualified, but there are too many just-a-bit-more qualified people out there competing for the same job. Employees are expendable, just like any other piece of equipment that doesn't perform up to spec. After you didn't act like a loyal non-complaining robot and actually made a human comment, your days were numbered.

There's a downside with too many people going to college and then flooding the job market. Of course, colleges want to keep making money, handing out degrees, even though they know there no gaurantees with a college education leading you into a good career. Colleges just keep manufactuirng a surplus of expendable equipment pieces. And the companies are happy because it's an employer's market, plenty of fresh material to pick and choose from, then use up and toss aside when not needed. You end up taking any job after a while, competing with the other bottom feeders.

And what really stinks is when you're a good employee and the company treats you like shit while letting a co-worker, a fucking screw-up, get away with murder. You have to do the screw-up's job. And this really sucks when that screw-up is your boss.

All I can say is if the system treats your that way, then fuck the system. If that rare good job comes along, then treasure it. If not, just give your minumum and collect a paycheck. Most jobs aren't worth the emotional investment.


The pisser is that it was a total love-fest right up until last week with everyone asking me how I like the place, totally grooming me etc. Then the other guy comes in ("Oh don't worry that you can't do color correction it's not a strike against you.") And the next thing you know he's doing my work. I very casually mention that "With him coming in and me staying home it's almost like taking food out of my mouth." And the next day I'm out, and if he wants he can have a full-time job.

It's weird because I felt totally at home at this place, and no one seemed to be an asshole.

Thanks for the sympathy. It looks like I'm back to "Work is for Saps and Suckers."
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