Friday, May 18, 2007

Love 21 Resumes, 1 Meeting and a Phone Call

21 Snailmail Resumes were sent out today. I also had an unusual meeting this morning.

I was told a few years ago that I had to meet this guy Paul because he's far out. Much weirder than me. So when I say his name on the Ad Club list the other day as owning an agency, I decided to bite the bullet and cold call him. It turns out that while he still keeps his hand in the biz he has another thing going on: Love Understanding And Peace. Still though, he was willing to meet with me today anyway.

It really turned out to be a fun hang out session. Paul is very much like my friend Sky, so over the course of 2.5 hours, we discussed work for maybe 20 minutes and the rest was just chatting, getting to know you stuff. The time flew by and I feel like I made a new friend. Some people make it easy.I called Sky as soon as I left because I'd like to put the two of them together and see what happens. Oddly enough, Paul knows who Sky is but has never met him yet. It should be fun.

Paul also gave me a name for someone to call and would reference me, so I already jumped on it. Hopefully this will bear fruit.

Later on a completely unrelated note, Ale and I ate Nepalese food with some friends for the first time at St. Louis' only Nepalese restaurant and we both found it very delicious...then we all watched a few episodes of Strangers with Candy.

Did you have to take off your shoes? The one here makes you take off your shoes.
Shoes stay on. Isn't that a health code?
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