Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm going to see my favorite band tomorrow

The Greyboy Allstars. Click the link for some funky grooves.

I haven't been this hepped up to see a band in ages.. At nearly 40 bucks it's a high dollar ticket, but I've wanted to see these guys for years, so it's worth it. Unfortunately, no one else I know wants to pay the dough, so I'm going stag.

Other bloggy stuff
Uhhh, still out of work. I decided to suck it up and call the client I worked for to get to the bottom of why they cut me loose, since what I had only heard 2nd hand from the temp agency made no sense to me. It didn't go well because I got voice mail and left a message. The client called the temp agency and said she didn't feel comfortable talking to me, and that it was inappropriate for me to call them. The temp agency called me with this message and I spoke to the guy about why I was let go, and what he told me blew my mind. Apparently somebody was telling untruths about me, and spinning jokes towards the negative. Saying for example that I spoke disparagingly about the other Temp Guy and called him names, and that I threatened to work slower to bill more time-which freaks my shit out because A)I wouldn't dis my brother temp like that, I don't even know the guy, B)I'm incapable of working slow, and C)I wanted to show them how efficient I am.

What shitty development. While I was reassured that I didn't burn the bridge, it sure feels like it to me. I mean the guy who "wasn't my competition" is now doing my job and is fast tracked to full time if he wants it, and I have to send out resumes and pound pavement.

I think tomorrow night I'm gonna do some long overdue dancing, shake it down and kick it out.

FYI - Carl Denson can be seen playing sax on stage with Sexual Chocolate, in everyone's favorite, Coming to America.
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