Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If I had a mullet....

This weekend, St. Louis hosts the Rib America Festival. Take a look at this stellar musical line up:

Head East (Question: Does anyone outside of St. Louis, even know who this band is? They had that one song Save my life (I'm going down for the last time)

Morris Day & the Time

Rik Emmett (formerly of Triumph)


Buddy Guy (the only one worth seeing)

John Waite (formerly of The Babies) Hit song: I ain't missing you at all

Night Ranger (Sister Christian, "Mo, mo, mo, mo motorin'! Bwewwwww! What's your price for flight!)

Molly Hatchet (Flirtin' with Disaster, and Whiskey Man

Dennis DeYoung (the music of Styx)

Pat Benatar & some other guy.

Blue Oyster Cult (not enough fever in the world for more Cowbell could get me down there)

I feel bad for bashing these guys because they are still working. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to provide for one's self and family, and if it means playing Rib Festivals, then more power to them. But all these acts together provide such a time warping presence my mind is already spiraling down the black hole. I used to like songs from all of these people (minus Jackyl and that other guy with Pat Benatar), and it's kind of sad that this is where they end up, in a non-ironic statement to both St. Louis' inability to draw top talent, and the fact we can field enough mulletheads to support presence here.

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