Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom & Alan

I was thinking yesterday about a few words. "Sass", "Sauce" and "Zazz" because I had gotten into a discussion about the difference between the first two with Alessandra, and I was trying to come up with good examples of people who were sassy and/or saucy. So while I was reflecting on it yesterday during a bike ride, I also decided to add "Zazz" (short for pizzazz i.e.Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair.) to that list.

And I can't think of any better example of all three words used at the same time to describe my mom, whose birthday is today!

Happy Birthday to the Sassiest, Sauciest and Zazziest mom I know! We love you very much.


Also celebrating a birthday this week is my stepfather Alan.

Picture 5

Here he is (to the right of Donald O'Connor) in Francis Goes to West Point. I was going to post a youTube, but the resolution sucked, so I went for the screen cap. Alan had a speaking role, and that was pretty much it for him and Hollywood. So when you wonder who those nameless spear carriers (or mule walkers) are in the old B&W Talkies...well, now you know.

Happy Birthday to A Grand Old Man! We love you very much.


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Your mom and step-dad look like fantastic people!

Tell them if they're ever in Houston to look me up. They seem like they'd be fun folks to gossip with over a martini or two!

They are, and while I'm almost certain I've never heard the words, "We are going to Houston." I would definitely tell them to look you up, should they say those magic words...as they are certainly up for a martini or two.
Hey Katie, been to Houston and liked it a lot. Thanks for the offer, same goes if you happen to come our way, look us up. Bottoms up on the martini idea
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