Friday, May 25, 2007

Dance Like Nobody's Watching


Child's play makes mess of elaborate sand mandala

"Kansas City, Mo. - The little boy spotted the pretty pile of colored sand on the floor of the vast hall and couldn't resist.

Slipping under a protective rope, he danced all over the sand, ruining the carefully crafted picture.

Never mind that it was the creation of eight Tibetan monks who had spent two days cross- legged on the floor of Union Station, meticulously pouring the sand into an intricate design as an expression of their Buddhist faith.

They were more than halfway done with the design - called a mandala - on Tuesday when they ended their work for the day and left. The little boy showed up sometime later with his mother, who was taking a package to a post office.

'He did a little Sand Painting tap dance on it, completely destroying it,' said Lama Chuck Stanford of the Rime Buddhist Center in Kansas City.

Link to Sand Dancing Video

That's worth a "Hahahaha", but an "OH NO! too. At least the monks have cultivated the mindset of the fleeting nature of art, so it was no big loss.

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