Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cap'n Marrrrk and the Scurvy Heroes?


I'm sitting here on the couch today sending out e-resumes, and still licking my wounds from the the ego bruising I took on Tuesday and there is a knock at my door.

I answer it and there is a woman there with something in her arms who says, "You look just like your pictures. I'm with the Gateway MS Society and your team won a plaque this year for raising over $5,300 dollars (a dollar for each person in STL diagnosed with MS).


I'm kind of out of practice with the Pirate Face. The picture says, "My mom can't go up the steps easily. So we have to move." And the back tells me that Pamela P_ lives just over the bridge from me, and that the family just moved into a new house so mom can move around more easily. :)


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The fat donation from HOOTERS procured by my friend Sapo is what put us over the top, but it's the first time since I don't know when, that I received any kind of award. I don't count the ones I get from the work I do with Viva Vox because they are friends I've known forever, but I really should, it's just hard to accept an accolade. Someone tells me something is wrong, and I'll buy it in a second, but being told I'm good...wellllllll, ok.

Anyway, the timing of this plaque good because I still feel like shit from Tuesday. But this makes me say, "Fuck them...they totally missed out." And now I can feel much better about myself and my place in the world.

Thank you to everyone out there who have donated to the cause, especially those of you who have never even met me in the flesh yet. It's a big deal to me that you are willing to support an e-friend. Friendship in the 21st Century...how great is that?

This this year, nearly all the Scurvy Dogs are moving out of state, so Sapo and myself are going to have to join another team. But I'd like to take a moment to thank all the other Scurvy Dogs for working so hard to get into shape and for the 2006 MS 150, and riding together on the roller coaster ups and downs of Missouri's Blue Highways. Now that Sapo and I have begun training, I already miss you all. Best of Luck with your new lives and new paths. Now give me a great big fucking YARRRRRRRR!

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Awesome!! Congratulations - what a huge accomplishment! That's a ton of money to raise with a pretty small team (in size, not spirit).

And just think, if you had been working with the lame-os, you probably wouldn't have been home to get the award in person. I hate the whole "everything happens for a reason" view, but you have to admit that it's a nice coincidence.
Cool Cap'n! $3,500 for what, 6 people? That's great!

I imagine you're always welcome on Pam's team. I'm not sure she's riding this year with baby Ruby, so added riders would be good.
5,300 not 3,500, but thanks anyway. Me and Sappo were talking either about joining the Peddlers ORRRRR, perhaps starting a Hooters team. He's looking into it.

Yeah Wed, I'm not a big fan of "for a reason" either, but it was very nice. Especially since she came out from mid-West County to drop it off (oddly enough, 3 houses down from where her friend just moved.)
Oh, and we owe you double this year... last year we sent a check to K, but it was misplaced at some point. K said she'd reimburse the team, but I thought it would turn up so I told her not to worry about it... it never did come out of hiding, so this year we'll double our contribution.
hey, congrats on the award. sorry about tuesday's nut kicking.
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