Monday, April 30, 2007

Technology gooooooood

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Last night we had a video menage a troihat with our friends and ex-neighbors: Thom and Dr. Lily Munster (on the left) in S.F. and Dr. Woensdag in Boulder. I haven't ever really seen what the various p.c. brand computers have for their chats, but all 3 couples are Mac users and the ichat is pretty fucking swank.

I suggested a movie night so we can all hit play at the same time and make snarky comments over the network. I think it would be an awesome way to eat up the miles and spend time with distant loved ones (yeah, I said it.)


Next time I need to get a better angle on the camera! And maybe get some sleep...

It is pretty cool that we can all see each other and chat at the same time despite being in three different time zones. We just need to find an east coast buddy to have all four zones represented.
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