Thursday, April 05, 2007

Strolling Towards Crazy Town

First it was taking Lola for a walk in a shoulder sling. Then it was dressing them up in sweaters. Then beginning to cover the couch in plastic when we weren't home, or when Tala was out of her room and no one is around to supervise her couch visits.


Now it is the Neon Green Cat Buggy (also for Lola), so we can take her on extended walks without fear of escape. She really appears to enjoy it and has taken to jumping in and crouching down in expectation of a ride.

I would say that Alessandra is totally sublimating the child rearing urge, which is fine by me. I'd rather her dress up the cats, and take Lola for a walk then spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on child for 18+ years just so I can feel "rewarded". No way!

Let the Good Times Stroll!


These also need to be labeled as "Ahahahahaha". :)

You can just tell that Xuxa is on the couch thinking "Suckers!".

We need one of those buggies for Zoe. She always jumps in the laundry basket and waits for us to zoom her around the apartment in it. I think she'd like zooming around the neighborhood too.
That is hilarious. I used to live near a guy who had a leash for his GIANT cat. He walked him everyday. My cat just follows us. But she was a dog in a previous life ;o)
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