Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slinging Scientology, Mud on VT Campus

You've already heard about the invasion of Virginia Tech by a couple dozen 'volunteer ministers' from the Church of Scientology. Now comes the mudslinging.

Xenuphobes sick of seeing yellow-shirted Scientologists show up to disasters alongside cable news cameras have accused Virginia Tech of inviting L. Ron's minions. An alleged 'ministers consultant' named Irmin wrote an all-points bulletin e-mail sent to Scientology volunteers last week stating: 'Our [volunteer ministers are] ... working in the student trauma center at the request of the provost. The VM [volunteer minister] team is helping her establish order and have started to deliver assists to students.'

The e-mail, posted by an alert Radar reader in our Comments section, also claimed that the Salvation Army had urgently sought the help of L. Ron's kids: 'We have been asked by the Salvation Army staff ... to provide 24-hour help for the next two days in the form of grief counseling and trauma relief for the parents and families of the victims.'

Well, not quite. More

Via-Radar Online via Something Awful


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