Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Phone call for Cap'n Marrrrk

I got called back to the place I worked at the other day. The Agent from the Agency said that my client told him very nice things about me. This morning an owner told me that my coworkers asked her to call me back in today, so she did.

They are sizing me up it seems, and so far (if the stuff I sent out today doesn't have any problems), it appears good. I've finished up the work for the week surprising them with my speed. This is surprises me, because I'm working much slower than I usually do, triple checking stuff for errors. Like I said, I hope the pieces I sent out don't have any problems at the printer, if so, I won't hear about it until Monday.

The place seems like a good place to work and I hope it would be a good match.

Woo hoo! Sounds like you made a great impression on them. It's nice to know you can slow down and be extra careful and still be faster than the other guy. Good luck!
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