Thursday, April 19, 2007

People = Dicks

So I got a call from my father in law yesterday asking me if I wanted to go to a book fair. I was thinking he was in town and we would go down together, so I said "yeah", and he asked to look for a couple of books for him while I was down there. D'oh!

When I woke up this morning, the news was doing a remote from the location telling me that people were already in line for the fair...it was 6:45am for a 4pm Early Bird Day.

Since I had committed to going down there, I arrived at 3 pm and there were probably 600+ people in front of me in line.

As soon as they opened the gates, the crowd stampeded in and people began sweeping huge swaths of books into shopping carts and standing around defending them while they used their hand held computers to estimate value.

It made me really uncomfortable and took a lot of the fun out of looking for books, when the people next to you are walking in front of you Hoovering up the books sight unseen. Nearly the entire Occult section was taken in one swoop by a group with 4 shopping carts within minutes.

I spent 2.5 hours wandering around looking around for Codex Seraphinianus, but there was none for me to find.

I was also hoping to find a rare Vonnegut, like the awesome copy of "Slaughter House Five", I have, but the only book I found was "Galápagos".

Anyway, I bought a bunch of stuff for fun, but generally had a shitty time because I was surrounded not by gentle, browsing bibliophiles, but asshole sharks.


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