Monday, April 02, 2007

On the other side

Whoosh! I make the jump, and it's a good day: I am focused, ready and busy deftly resizing ads, color correcting images, recreating copy blocks and solving problems presented. I am thanked and complimented on my eye and my speed, by the folks who seem pretty nice. I eat lunch with several of them, and am please they are not standoffish towards the Temp.

I am one of two up for the job, and tomorrow my competitor gets his day, he has a financial advance over me in that he their freelance guy, and I'm the placement agency guy, so if they go with me, it will cost them more. Had they only answered my email a week sooner they would have known me before calling the agency, but as it is, since the agency got my foot in the door they get the find.

I heard that the guy who replaced me at my last job, came from the place I want to go. He is unhappy in my old position, and wants to come back but they won't take him because he doesn't have the skills. At first I was pleased with Schafenfreude, but then I realized that most of the people in the creative end of the Biz are quite nice, and while it paid ok, I wouldn't wish my old job on anyone. They claim, "There's no 'jerk' in team." and neglect the fact that the technically the owner is not ON the team that he owns by definition. But that's just being bitter. Can I fault the Sucker who replaced me at the Sucker job? No.

And while I was busy, it was a "day flying by" kind of busy. I've been bored silly for the last 6 months if not longer, so I could really use some more of those days, especially if they pay well.

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