Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Kurt Vonnegut now Don Ho

Don Ho dead at age 76.

Actually I don't care about Don Ho. Kurt Vonnegut was a definitely a one of a kind cranky-compassionate genius.

I went on a Vonnegut binge after college and thought about how sad all his characters were, and I didn't realize until much later, how hope he was about the individual human condition in the face of a suicidal species.

So in tribute. Here is Don Ho covering Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey"


Oh wow. That was just bizarre. This tells me that no one but Peter Gabriel should do Peter Gabriel.

Too bad about Don Ho though. No one could rock Tiny Bubbles like he could.
I dated Don HO's niece. Guess what she was??
Seriously though. I did.
She was a very lovely Polynesian young lady who dated a scroungy Howly Rock n' Roller?

Seriously, I believe that you have no reason to lie to me.
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