Monday, March 05, 2007

When Idiots Attack

Naughty Super Bowl Sparks Beefs To FCC
It was obscene to show Prince, a HOMOSEXUAL person through a sheet, as to show his siluette while his guitar showed a very phalic symbol coming from his below-midriff section. I am very offended and would preffer not to have showed it to my 4 children who love football. One of them has hoped to be a quarterback and now he will turn out gay. I am actually considering to check him for HIV. Thanks CBS for turning my son GAY.

Spelling kept intact.

Damn! Where can I get an FCC complaint form?
No shit. That's funny!
As soon as I saw that, I turned to the hubby and stated, "The FCC will be hearing about that!"

Stupid rubes. If anyone is warped they are, for seeing something so "naughty" out of something so inane.
It was naughty, but people should lighten up...
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