Friday, March 30, 2007

Positive Impact

D_ is a kid who attends workshops at the non-profit I had been working for. Aside: we were cleared by the state and resumed classes this week, and while I had quit, I was a guest driver this week.

D_ is a virtual shut in because he lives in a bad neighborhood. He comes home from school and doesn't leave the house until school the next day because his mom keeps him in.

D_ is 12, does not have cable television, nor Internet, but what he does have is A LOT of questions:

Did you hear anything about the MARS company? There are rat poo in M & Ms.

Do you believe in Aliens? What does it mean to get "probed"?

What is politics?

What is the Da Vinci Code? What does the Mona Lisa have to do with it?

Why are there so many different religions?

Does the universe end or keep going?

Where do tornadoes come from?

What's it like to live in the county (as opposed to the city. Which while his street may be "bad" it's only a fraction of some of the other neighborhoods where our kids live).

Anyway, since it was my last trip with him on Thursday, I pulled together a large assortment of awesome books to give him:

The Handy Science Answer Book

The Handy History Answer Book

Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were: Creatures, Places, and People (my own treasured copy)

Universe (5.99 paperback filled with beautiful images)

and The Big Book of Urban Legends (The Big book Series)

10th Anniversary Calvin and Hobbes

A pop up book of Leonardo Da Vinci

And some cool book by Wired about future technology.

All of these books are designed to be flipped through and perused at random, perfect for a kid with lots of questions who doesn't really like reading.

I really hope he enjoys these half as much as I enjoyed giving them to him.

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WOW, you really did an excellent thing, I'm teary to think of this deprived child,maybe he'll grow up and tell the story of Mark, you are not and urban legend, but the real deal
What an awesome gesture! Books are the greatest gift you can ever give a child. I'm sure he'll have a great time reading them!
you will never truly know the difference yo have made for this kid.
Awesome job Cap'n!
I think your gesture will mean something because the kid is ASKING questions. It's unfortunate when a kid has no curiosity and someone, though well meaning, tries to motivate a young mind by handing him some books. Half the battle is the kid having a natural curiosity about the world; the other half is feeding that interest.

Good job.

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