Monday, March 26, 2007

Media Rodeo

Media-Plural of medium, a means of communication. The definition will used very loosely if completely incorrectly.

The Prestige, the movie. Directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. A pretty damn cool movie, much better than The Illusionist. Two illusionists (no relation) do battle over fame and fortune at the end of the 19th Century. Both characters are pretty unsympathetic, so I don't care who the winner was, but ending (though telegraphed) was neat. A solid B for effort.

The Prestige, the book by Greg Priest. The book came first, so you know it was better. Well written and told in diary form to the great-grand son and daughter of battling illusionists. Of course, the characters and their motives for besting each other are really nailed down, as well as their distinct personalities and character flaws. Although I knew the ending of the movie (and sneaked a peek at the ending of the book at Borders), the book still maintained my level of surprise right up until the end. A-/B+.

Battlestar Galactica, Season 3 Finale: Unfortunately I read the spoilers because it sounded just too frakin' unbelievable, but turned out to be true. Post no spoilers in the comments as Crazy Legs Dave hasn't watched it yet. I was still extremely pleased, and think waiting until Jan. 2008 is out of control but I'm expecting a quality product by then.B+. Season 2 and 2.5 finales A+

Allergy Shots, the medium of allergy control: I'm all for it, and just began to take them for the cats and the Great Out Doors, but rumors from a friend who had done it 15 years ago and left him worse off have left me questioning it. C

Baby Bunnys, awwwwww: Alessandra was cleaning the yard and fucked up their nest leaving them orphans. Luckily, our neighbors are willing to wake up every 3 hours and feed them puppy formula and hopefully nurse them back to health (they have bunny experience). A for cute D+/C- survivability.

Reality TV specifically Dancing with Stars, American Idol: I hate you for sucking me in while I practice guitar and spend time with my Sweety. You, you're producers and judges, contestants and sponsors will all burn in HELL.F.

Brazilian Soap Operas: As muleres estao mution gostoso A-

Cell Phones: Will I ever get a good signal? D unless there is an emergency and the phone is charged and I get through then it gets an A.

A cat in a turtleneck sweater: A+

Crocs: the medium of communication between foot and earth. Much ridiculed by myself (Style King) until actually placed on my feet. A happy foot is a happy Cap'n. 'Nuff said. A

Sleep, the medium of dreams and imagination. A++ when done right.

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Oh, thanks for protecting me from spoilers! I've been a real non-spoiler type since getting to deep into the Revenge of the Sith hype. =)
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