Friday, March 23, 2007

If the suit fits...

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Alessandra wants a small dog to carry around with her, but we cannot afford one right now, or she's not looking hard enough, or the right one didn't come along...or something... So instead she bought some dog sweaters that were on sale and put them on Lola. A great big laugh from us ensued, as well as some photos that can be found here.

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I find it difficult getting my cats in their carriers to take them to the vet. I couldn't even imagine trying to get them into sweaters.

Lola must have the patience of a saint. She's a very pretty girl too, by the way. :o)
She's the one I put in the sling and take for walks around the block. Yeah, she's very, very docile and appears to enjoy the walks...not the sweaters though.

All our cats are beautiful, thanks.
Sorry, didn't mean to dis the other cats. Yes, they're all very lovely. :o)
Oh! Sorry about that. I didn't mean to imply that...just poor grammar.
Now THAT is a patient kitty. My cat might eat me if I did that.
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