Friday, March 16, 2007


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"There were 3 booms, the plane shook and I saw sparks coming out of the engine. The lights went out, and everyone was deathly quiety. Then we all started praying."

Alessandra's mom called us last night in tears after her plane to Brazil was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing shortly after take off.

Geese in the engine.

As you can see: Brazil-bound plane returns to O'Hare | Chicago Tribune, the airline didn't make a big deal out of it, but Anabela is terrified about getting back on a plane.

This is the second near air disaster this year for someone we know. Our friend Dr. Woensdag (and fetus) were nearly in a midair collision back in January.

Alessandra hates flying, I like it because it's a sense of adventure (I rarely get to go anywhere), but her fear of it is starting to wear through my rosy glow. Oh yeah, and this scene from LOST is really going to help both of us.

Edit: Now with Video!

Is that totally panic inducing or what? I'm sure I'd shit myself. And it's worse that she's traveling alone.

At least it wasn't an intergalactic bounty hunter being sucked into the engine.

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Wow. That's so terrifying. I'm glad she's OK!!

Maybe the moral here is not "Don't fly", but "Don't fly anywhere near Chicago".
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