Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blow my mind, why doncha?

I was transporting a black 17 year old, unwed mother last night to a meeting. She used to live in the county, but now lives in the city where she says she can't walk down the street (7 months pregnant) without constantly getting hit on.

"I don't want Blacks as friends, they just all want to be gangstas. I picture myself surrounded by a group of white friends. I want white friends who want to do something with their lives."

Lovely (and lonely) girl with great drive to remain in a positive environment.

Still, I could claim her generalizations are a result of time spent in the mediasphere, or the result of the broad generalizations we create about everyone we meet, but it is most shocking to hear someone say something like that. It opens up a HUGE number of issues that force one to look at their own prejudices as well as causes one to think about the whole concept of being prejudiced about one's own race.


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