Monday, February 12, 2007

Something very nice was said to me yesterday:

Former Co-worker to me: "They did the stupidest thing ever when they let you go. The place pretty much fell apart. I don't know what they were thinking when they hired your replacement because he doesn't know how to do the job."

Isn't that great?

Today I had a Production Artist interview with a marketing company right down the street from my house.

Then today was declared a "Snow Day" so I didn't have to go to work.

Later in the morning I was told by urologist that I had the prostate of a 60 year old man. So I have to go on meds perpetually. Aging Sucks.

The Police Concert date was announced for July 2. Tickets $50-ish to 200.



It's great to be missed, yes?
Not so great to need 24/7 meds though :o(
Yeah Police! Hope they plan on coming to Toronto.
Happy VD!
I sent you email, not sure if you got it. To tell you that I am Liisa Petersen (from your MS walk.
Big hugs!
Now I can comment on your post.

1. Hurrah! For being irreplaceable!
2. Hurrah! For snowdays.
3. Boo! On the prostate.
4. Hurrah! For meds.
So they realize how good you were after you're gone? That's happened to me at least a couple of times. Would you go back if they asked you? In my case, screw them for being so stupid!

Ray. No they wouldn't, and no I wouldn't...fuck em.
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