Friday, February 16, 2007

The Question Is: Who is going to clean up all the shit?

First Look: Grand Canyon’s Glass Skywalk

I would so crap myself it's not even funny...IF you can even get me out on that deck.

via TotalFark

Oh God. Standing on the glass floor of the CN Tower was enough for me, and that was "only" at about 1,400 feet off the ground.

I was only on it long enough to take a couple of pictures, as once I heard that glass creaking and groaning underneath me, and got the hell off as fast as I could.
I would crap it opaque.

Wait until people down at the bottom of canyon get pelted by birds smacking into it then dropping to terminal velocity.
dude, that is so cool! i would totally go on that. well, okay, i guess it would be kind of freaky...so maybe just half way out.
It's gonna suck cleaning the underside of the glass and keeping the topside scratch-free. Once it "frosts" over due to traffice and dust, what's the point? Dumb architects...
Holy shit is right.
I guess you wouldn't like this
I did the coaster at the StratoTower, but while I was in Vegas 2 years ago, a group got stuck on the XScream for 6 hours because they couldn't pull it back in.
I rode the XScream once, on a dare. I hated it. Talk about going WAAAAY past my comfort zone! I clenched my behind so hard on that ride I'm surprised I didn't take the seat back to my hotel with me. :o)
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