Saturday, February 10, 2007

Holy Crap, I haven't posted since Wed?

Weird. OK. Today's episode: "Wallowing in it."

YOU are responsible for Anna Nicole Smith's Death.

Personally, not me because I'm Time Magazine's "Person of the Year."

Apparently though, I am bad. Here's the story (and there is ALWAYS a story). Alessandra is watching some ballroom dancing show on PBS. I'm fiddling around with my computer and guitar simultaneously, while watching the show hoping for flashes of hot fem dancer skin. Really, it's like Baywatch.

The show is hosted by Marilu Henner and some Dance Guy, sort of like "Best in Show." but not Fred Willard Funny except for this exchange"

Marilu (after a discussion about the prior couple's marriage): Are these two a couple?

Host guy: (long pause): They both have other, uh partners in their lives.

I guess the implication is that someone is gay. In ballroom dancing? NO!

Alessandra asks me who Marilu Henner is and I tell her actress and nymphomanic. At least that's what I heard years ago. And I do a quick search and I find this oddly hypnotic list from a few years ago: The A-List.

And I'm certain that reading it is consuming it, and consuming it is feeding it and yeah I guess I am in some small infinitessimal way responsible for the Anna Nicole Trainwreck.

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That show is mesmerizing, plus Marilu Henner is easy on the eyes, in that hyper-fit, ballroom dancing, could-be-my-high-school-classmate's-mom way...

Nympomaniac? Never heard that one.
Who is Marilu Henner?!? The hot redhead from Taxi? Man, I feel old.
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