Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Evolution of Alternative: History and controversies of the alt-erotica industry

Goth, punk, hippie, indie, raver. Whatever subculture you identify with, there’s a porn site out there for you. SuicideGirls.com and DeviantNation.com feature tattooed and pierced punk/indie women; Gothicsluts.com shows off crow-hos; and EroticBPM.com displays photos of models who are part of the rave scene.

The content on these websites, developed by individuals who are tired of the images of women generated by mainstream erotica/porn, is generally referred to as “alternative,” “alt,” “counterculture,” or “indie” (though these classifications aren’t always interchangeable*). No matter how these websites label themselves, they are known for countering the porn industry’s images, ethics, and business practices and offering the masses something else to look at.


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