Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cap'n's Notes

I'm watching my boss try to burn a data DVD on his new laptop. I can't believe how difficult Microsoft has made a simple process. It been over 20 minutes and Microsoft Media Center simply will not let him do it. It will only let him burn music, movies or photos. No data files. What a joke.

Not to totally be snobby, but on my Mac, all I do is insert a blank disc, drag the info into the icon and hit eject which burns it for me.

I can't think of a company that is more unfriendly to the end user than MS. It's openly hostile.

Anyway. I've given my notice here because the new driver is starting tonight (but I'm still driving a different gig, and I won't be home until 10:30), and my company is in the process of looking for a new Administrative Assistant. Larry is going to keep me here for the next 3 weeks to look for a job and generally hang out. He's also going to spring for some career counseling. It was such a nice gesture that when it was offered my heart exploded, but out of habit I stuffed it closed. I'm used to doing the nice thing for people, it comes as a surprise when people turn and do nice things for me (other than wife and family), I almost don't know how to accept it.

Anyway, the ole pavement pounding has started, phone calls are being made, interviews are being arranged and so on. I hope I can find something soon, because the only think I hate more than work, is looking for work itself.

(40 minutes in Larry has still not burned the DVD. He's not dumb, its just that Windows is evil)

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Microsoft is evil. No matter how much money Gates donates to anyone, it will not bleach his black little soul. Monopolies FTL.

Sorry to hear you're pounding the pavement again, but I may be joining you on that pavement in the very near future. Hope you find something that fits quickly. :)
Maybe because I've never worked on anything but Windows, I have to disagree. I never seem to have any problems with it. Well, except for constant patching. ;o)

Heh, the one time I had to work on my Aunt's Mac, I was ready to beat it to shards with a baseball bat. I couldn't find anything, and had to call my cousin for help.

Sorry to hear you're back to looking for another job. Having been in the same boat a few months ago, I know what a massive pain in the ass it is. And as much as I dislike what I'm doing right now, it's still better than being unemployed. :oP
I gotta agree with Katie on liking the PCs. I never have problems, except when networking... and that's just because I'm mostly connectivity-illiterate. It's 6 to one, 1/2 dozen to another, as far as I'm concerned. (Also, my PC let's be drag, drop & burn, so not sure what Larry's deal is...)

Best of luck job hunting though.
Yes, that's all and well dave, but apparently your computer won't let you use the word "me".

There was no software there to let him. We had to install 3rd party software (after 2 hours)
Yay for Macs, and yay for career counseling. It sucks to be looking for work again, but hopefully this time you'll have some guidance in where to look.

On a completely different note - J and I are loving this new game show where people compete against 5th graders on really simple questions (How many sides are on a trapezoid?, What star is closest to Earth?, etc.). Man, people are dumb!!!
Meh, this blogger thingy should have a grammar/spell check...

What game show is that Wednesday? That would be a hoot to watch. Most people know that stuff until sometime quickly after college, then dumb sets in.

Alpha Centauri?
I think its on Tuesdays.

Yeah people are dumb, but then again can a 5th grader drive a car or defend themselves from me slapping them upside the head for throwing factoids at me? No.

Yes Alpha Centauri and 4 sides on a trapezoid.
I thought the star that was closest to the Earth was our very own sun...
DING!!! katie wins!

Alpha Centauri...I hope you were joking... I'm telling EVERYONE cld. You'll be Uncle Alpha Centauri when I'm done with ya. :)
See Katie, that's a trick question and that alone entitles the adult to give the 5th grader a wedgie.

Check out this cartoon: http://pbfcomics.com/?cid=0PBF31039BC-Sun_Love.jpg#33
crap! I knew that trick question years ago... I'm aging and getting dumb. =(
Ha ha - I struggled on the star thing too until J said "Did they say it couldn't be the sun??".

The show is actually called "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?". This week it's been on Tues-Thurs, but I think it's just because it's premiering. The only unfortunate thing is that it's on Fox, and since it's a moderately clever show, it will likely be cancelled in a few weeks. You could check the website for additional show times.
Like I told Dr. J via IM...I watched it tonight and wanted to beat Jeff Foxworthy to death with a 5th grader. Just pick one up and WHAM! not because I dislike 5th Graders, quite the contrary, they are cool in a nerdy way, but because if I were there it would be the only weapon I had at hand to shut him up.
Did you say Jeff Foxworthy? Blech. He's the host? If it's in anyway tied into "git-r-done TV", I'd have a hard time tuning in.
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