Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cap'n Babble

Just some thoughts and words about the last few days.

If St. Louis hosts "The Second Largest Mardi Gras in the US after NO" then why is it take place only on Saturday and leave the neighborhood looking like shit?

Nothing says classy like dry Red Beans and Rice vomit on your office entrance stairs.

Even though it is sunny and warm, the colors are still flat and washed out like an old photo.

On the grass by the side of the highway I see a hawk hopping along with a mouse in it's beak as I zoom by.

My guitar is floundering, I am going to relearn nearly from the beginning.

Listening to NPR yesterday in a very brief time I heard the author of Alone Together: How Marriage in America Is Changing talking and I realized what my daily married relationship was becomming. All I did was mention the name to Alessandra and she knew exactly what I was talking about. We resolved to spend more time "together together" but not last night because she had to knit a hat.

I was supposed to have President's Day off, but the office computer broke and it fell to me to fix it. What should have taken an hour tops took all day because the guy who set up the computer never gave us the XP install disc, and he died couple of months ago. In metaphor. It was a screwdriver job and all I had in my tool box was an assortment of hammers. After banging away at it all day and into the early evening I gave up and took it to a professional. He had the correct tools. It is now fixed. Yay.

So I got to take today off. And practice guitar.

I called my health insurance company today to ask them a question. Somehow it came up in the conversation that she doesn't have health insurance. She's a 3rd party phone girl, but that just seems wrong.

I heard a song on the radio that reminded me. Once I met a guy who was a nurse. I don't recall how I met him, or his name, or what he looked like. But I do remember he was a total wet blanket to be around, and had no social skills, yet he continued to call me and want to go out and do stuff. I couldn't get rid of him until one day he somehow got the hint.

At another point in time, around then, I fell in with a couple of lawyers (I was a pizza guy), and I was smitten by the female of the two. It turned out that I was the loser friend. I don't remember their names either.

I'm driving down the same stretch of highway where I saw the hawk, thinking about this babble post. I'm headed the other way though. I am listening to the driving rhythm of Tom Petty's Running Down a Dream...crawling in traffic.

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J and I have been trying to spend more time together together too, away from computers and TV and work and what not. It's way too easy to get into the habit of thinking that because you're in the same room, you're spending time together.
'specially when you IM each other from the couch.

BTW too much time in cyberland has definately atrophied my verbal skills.
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