Monday, January 15, 2007

Who's peeing on our couch?


Someone is peeing on the worlds most comfortable sofa, "The Vortex" (because is sucks you in). I have ruled myself out because I'm not a couch peeer, and based on Alessandra's reactions, I'm pretty sure it's not her, though she isn't completely ruled out yet. How do I know she's not just covering her tracks. Anyway, this leaves one our three cats as the main culprit. Is it biological or behaviorial, how will we discover the secret peeer?

We are told that once cats get locked into a habit then thats pretty much it, The Vortex will be under constant assult? All the scent destroying enzymes in the world can't get the smell out. We need new cushions and until we find out who did it and why we will have to wrap the couch in sea foam green tarps while we are away.

Ale has set up a video camera to film the couch when we we are at work hopefully catching the culprit in the act.
...To be continuted

uh...ya. I've been having the same issue with my cat. Really, we have been avoiding the inevitable...getting rid of her. She can't be outside cause she was hit by a car and can't fend for herself like she used to. Sad really. Who's going to want a pissy, injured cat? It's hard cause otherwise she's a really sweet cat.
ooooh I agree...that's is sad. I hope you can find the best solution for you all.
It probably would be good for you to find out who it is. When cats start peeing in places they're not supposed to, it's often considered their way of trying to let you know that something is wrong.

We've had it happen once, and the cat in question ended up having a nasty urinary tract infection.

Or they could just be really pissy with you for some reason.
we have a pissy elliot among our group as well. one of our females hates the other female. her hate has not diminished over time either. so we are trying kitty prozac to chill her the fuck out. she stopped peeing (in the basement corner) for a while, but has recently started up again. so the chill pills are not looking like a solution. unless, of course, she's mellowed out and it's one of the other two pissing now. i wouldn't put it past them.

we should set up a camera, too. i just got one for xmas. i'm afraid, though, when i find out who is doing it, i'm going to fly off the handle and throw them all outside. i love them, but gd it's frustrating when you've tried practically everything to correct the problem and they just won't fucking stop peeing. not to mention the basement is slowly but surely being ruined. because, you're right, there ain't nothing on this earth that can get rid of cat piss.

good luck, man. i hope you can nip the problem in the bud before it really gets started.
Are you absolutely certain that you are not a suspect? The reason I ask is, I have been known to occasionally sleep walk & pee in random places in the house. It makes me sad when I do it.

Good luck!
Although I once fell asleep while peeing one night recently, I'm pretty sure I'm not the master pee-er.

I'm the secret dumper.

My wife...she'll never know, but she should always check her shoes before sticking her foot in.
hopefully the webcam is working...

if not, maybe try giving each cat some sort of indigestable dye (non-staining of course), in different colors: Tala = green, Xuxa = blue, Lola = orange. Problem solved!!
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