Thursday, January 18, 2007

Secret Pee-er Revealed

This is why Alessandra and I are two of Time Magazine's "People of the Year" for creating our own media and publishing it on the web. Of what? Of a cat peeing on our sofa.

People...We are living the Future->Today!

Gasp in wonder.

Our lucky winner gets an all expenses paid trip to the Guest Bedroom complete water, food, litter box, a comfy bed and several south facing windows for when we are away from the house or sleeping.

I'm sure if she could talk...she'd thank us.

Look in the comments for the lucky winner's name.

Poor Tala. I guess if I were to pick a suspect earlier, it would have been her. =(
Caught in the act!! Glad you were able to figure it out, but sorry about the Vortex.

I love how once just isn't enough...
Yeah. This is how I heard it: "Doo, doo... SSSSSS...Doo, de doo doo SSSSSS. Mine.
Cool! A stake-out!
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