Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nothing to see here Citizen...

move along.

I'm in the busy part of my week, and have nothing new to add. This is just a place filler post. Comment on the one below. There's nothing I hate more than putting effort into something that no one comments on.


But I'm such a contratrian that I'll comment on this post. [G]

Anyway, I do want to comment on your comment about lack of comments – without being redundant with my writing, of course. Like most bloggers, I'm writing and posting for free. Now if I was getting a decent paycheck for such effort, only in it for the money, I would usually care less about whether or not anyone commented -- unless such comment resulted in more money coming in to me.

But for most zinesters and bloggers, what we hope for "payment" or reward is some feedback from readers out there. Whether such feedback is good, bad or stupid, it doesn't matter if the comment is honest, revealing what the writer really feels.

When weeks pass by and no one comments at my blog, I'm thinking that my efforts aren't worth it, that I'm just talking to myself. Even if someone just jots a note saying, "I read your post," it would help.

No one likes creating in a vacuum.


Some days you feel like making a comment, some days you don't... it doesn't mean we're not still reading.
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