Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fish Outta Water

On Tuesdays I don't have to go to work until noon because I work until 8-8:30.

Have you ever stepped up to do somthing nice for someone without any hesitation, help lift their burden for a few minutes, felt good about it, then only later said, "I fucking agreed to do what?" That's how I ended up driving an additional 5.5 hours last night putting in the first of 3 12 hour days this week. The only part that made is bearable is that I didn't have to listen to too much Hip Hop and reserved the right to change the station when there was an annoying song.

I'm increasingly coming to believe that I don't belong where I am currently working. There are 4 of us in an office and I let myself believe that I would be given near equal partnership and a voice in the organization, but the reality is I am an Administrative Assistant with 3 bosses who give contradictory instructions, will not let me incorporate my ideas into the program (money making coffee table book / t-shirts), I'm not allowed to interact with the kids during the workshops, I don't get to talk to the artists. It's just not the environment I hoped it would be.

Since I don't like driving my extra income is being lost so...I need to rethink my options in order to keep up my end of the bills here.

More as it develops.

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Take care of you first. You're a leader. No surprise you're not happy following. Have you ever thought about teaching? It seems like it would suit you far better...as long as you liked the principal ;o)
Schools usually don't much care for someone who doesn't treat the students like little kids.

Teaching is not for me. Thanks though.
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