Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day One


Because it amuses me to look at such things, I'm going to tell you this. Yesterday my company took us to Opening day at the new Ball Park, and while it was very nice of the company to pick up the tab, the Team who we do work for (ticket design, programs, schedules, posters) did not comp us the tickets but made us pay and offered us tickets in a place with shitty sightlines and an acoustic deadspot (zero speaker sound). We had fun because the alternative was working.

Eagle Eye Wife noticed a piece of concrete on the ground and on closer examination, we noticed the crack which we took a picture of. One would think that a stadium should not fucking fall apart on the first day it's open to the public.

It brings to mind this event which I remember watching on tv as it unfolded: 46 killed in Hyatt collapse as tea dance turns to terror.

I mean think about it. The construction was given to the lowest bidder.

Anyway: Here's a picture of me from the VIP thing last week.

Larger than Life

You can see the entire photo set here.

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