Monday, March 20, 2006

Thought Dump I: First Day of Spring


How nice it would be to have music flowing through my mind all day long. To think in terms of music, to have it be as present around me as the air. I mean Prince is a musical genius, he walks and moves in music, and it just flows through him. How neat that would be.

On the flipside: I mentioned this yesterday and it is still with us today. I can't imagine how we as a species even continue to survive. I don't think we deserve it, not with the way superorganisms treat other superorganisms. (See Islam vs Judiasm, Christiantiy vs Islam, East vs West, etc.). I mean I enjoy my life and all, but our species is well and truely fucked in the collective head. I picture Frankenstein's Monster in The Bride of Frankenstein pulling the deadly lever saying, "We belong dead."

I feel like I did when I was in high school, that the world is again on the brink of destruction. The maddness around me is tangible.

Yesterday I suddenly remembered that at one point in my past I was an umpire for Little League games. What? Having failed at every sport I ever played: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track & Field, I HATE sports, yet now I recall umping games at the local Jewish Community Center. How the hell did that happen, how long did it last...what the hell?

When I do copy editing on the computer I often wonder about the letters. Say I have the word THIS and I change it to THAT, but I copy and paste instead of changing the last two letters, I feel as though I am losing that instance of the TH and it is replaced by a fresh TH instead of recycling the TH. It's like I'm performing a snuff job, so I try to recycle whenever I can.

I've been amazed at how many people do not know what the symbol "OM" looks like.

Two years ago I bought 2 pairs of Flannel Lined Gap Cargo Pants at the Gap Outlet store, and I wear them nearly every day the temperature is below 60 degrees and they are thick and heavy. In the winter time when Alessandra goes home, she puts on her jammies the second she walks in the door, but I never do and I didn't figure out why until today. It's because I'm already wearing my Blankie. Ahhhh, Blankie

Hey I ran out of things to think about.

More to come.

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