Friday, March 24, 2006

Fall Screaming Down the Rabbit Hole


So my job entails photo retouching and other Production things, and yesterday I was checking the logos on these baseballs for a newspaper ad, and adjusting the layers and such so it appears the baseballs are printed on the balls. Over all, not too difficult but time consuming. It takes nearly all day, and I'm nearly done with the intention of working late to finish them, when I am informed I am working on the wrong file. The Art Director mistaken told me that both files were fine to work on, and I picked the one that wasn't the final one. I'm going to have to start over for a Friday Deadline. D'OH!

To her credit she offered to fix the mess and do it herself, but I I would have felt bad asking her to do it. Luckily for me, my Ace coworker Mark, helped me streamline the process. So I worked until 7pm last night, then spent 3 hours this morning wrapping it up. Total time, 4 hours.

Then imagine how surprised I was when I discovered that instead of importing the new image into InDesign to produce it, I accidentally save my .indd as my photoshop file!

Sure there are safeguards and pop ups, but I see a million of them all the time over the course of my day and never read them, most of them having to do colorspace. So it turns out I have to rebuild the file yet a-fucking-gain! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

But I have momentum working in my favor, I know which logos I have to replace, roughly what levels to assign the layers and I knock it out in 2 hours.

Whew! Now its up with the client, and they are notorious for last minute changes. Cross your fingers.

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