Friday, March 10, 2006

Ask Cap'n Marrrrk Part IV

Mutant at Post-atomic asks, "CapnMarrrrk! What does it all mean??", and sends me this picture:

Mr Nat.

I think the question holds the answer." What's it all mean?" can be answered, "It means all."

It's really a matter of scale and what it is you are talking about. Meaning is based on your position in the univerise, assuming you mean "meaning" to be defined as "intention or purpose", and position to represent how relatively large or small you in the cosmic order. Where you are, and what you are defines your purpose.

The purpose of atomic and sub atomic particles, it would seem, is to dance and flow like little happy sprites transforming into one another and jumping out of their energy ocean long enough to sing us their confusing alien songs before merging again with their bretheren.

Once you get to the level of biology, it's purpose is to propagate and be building blocks for larger superorganisms, at nearly all levels from bacteria to plants to cells to animals to humans to memes, cities, states, countries, corporations and ideologies. "Be fruitful and multiply" indeed. I suspect our purpose is to create, create, create in order to fill in the Entropic Gaps as well as create our own purpose (which I don't think can leave the closed system of Superorganism...ism)...ans to Rock Fucking Onnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Of course the purpose of the stellar masses is to get the fuck away from each other as fast as possible and create those Entropic Gaps, while black holes suck faster than 5 dolla' whores and quasars blow more than an o-ring blowout.

It's currently 10:02 pm on Friday and I'm still at the fucking office so
of course my purpose is to be the Eternal Office Omega and Cap'n Alpha while pondering the meaning of it all. Tomorrow is Alessandra's birthday, so my purpose will be the best husband and friend I can be. To bastardize Gump, "Meaning is as meaning does"...at least until tomorrow when I believe something different.

Email me at capnmarrrrk(at)yahoo.com with more questions.

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