Tuesday, February 21, 2006

When Nightmares Collide or Riddle of the Ancients?


What you can't tell is that Segal is actually coughing up a big grin. He's very happy to be with Carrot Top.

A few years ago I went to check out an Akido studio near my apartment. This crazy instructor tossed me around like a ragdoll as a demonstration of the power of Akido and using one's opponent's strength against them. It was amusing, but what really stuck out was that this guy called Steven Segal "Sensei". Segal was the one of the leading Akido masters in the U.S. and held rank...kind of ruined this guy's credibility.

Anyway...I'd read on the Internet posted by Farkers that Carrot Top was actually a very nice guy, and knows he's a goof ball but doesn't care. I'd also heard from comedian Robert Schimmel on Howard Stern that Carrot Top has a huge penis. So take those two facts at face value and make of it what you will.

The photo is such a visual non sequiteur of koan-like proportions that one could acheive a state of enlightenment just looking at it and trying to puzzle out it's meaning.

via-The Superficial

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