Thursday, February 23, 2006

Teens Save Classic Rock

For teens, not all classic rock is created equal. According to the market-research firm NPD, kids ages thirteen to seventeen bought twenty percent of all Floyd and Zeppelin albums sold from 2002 to 2005, and seventeen percent of Hendrix and Queen discs but accounted for just three percent of Creedence Clearwater Revival sales, six percent of Rolling Stones sales and a paltry one percent of Cat Stevens sales. "There's such a force and power to a band like Zeppelin," says Rhino Records marketing vice president Mike Engstrom, adding that young buyers drove sales for the label's 2003 DVD collection of live Zep.

Young fans' enthusiasm helps evergreen discs such as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and AC/DC's Back in Black sell thousands of copies a week. "Week after week, a whole new group of people are discovering these albums," says Jeff Jones, executive vice president of Sony BMG's reissue label Legacy Recordings.

...Why would kids born in the Nineties turn to timeworn guitar anthems? For all of the vibrant rock recorded in the past ten years -- from pop punk to neogarage to dance rock -- no new, dominant sound has emerged since grunge in the early Nineties. "I can't think of a record recently that blew people's minds," says Jeff Peretz, a Manhattan producer and guitar teacher. "And there aren't really any guitar heroes around anymore. Kids don't come in and say, 'I want to play like John Mayer.'"

via- Rolling Stone

Now that I think about it, my 11-12 year old cousin was listening to and learning Jimi for the guitar. But I think if you look at the ages what is the common theme is that the numbers coinside with teen rebellion and discovery of recreational drugs.

Classic rock bypassess the brain speaks to the groin. Emo is heart and head, hard rock (vs 70s rock) is aggression, but classic rock is only one generation removed from the "let's get to fuckin'" blues.

This trend makes me happy because it means Generation ? isn't without the desire for inner exploration and soul.

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